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Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm Sick Of Thinking!

hmm..i'm just came back from my long holiday in my house at my home town.
Because i've to attend my niece, everyone have gave full commitment on that day. Me, Kak za and Mama Ayah Sin have to make decoration for bride's dishes..just a simple but very creative!(hehe..masuk bakul angkat sendiri!)
But after all, I'm thinking for my,how and who will be my Mr Right?)

Lately my I'm still confused and not confident with my decision..
lots of things to be considered.But dream and ambition are not completed yet.
1) To apply and further my study in Master (my mother still insisted it to me)
2) To a have my own business..(alhamdulillah have started it even just for fun and in small scale..but i'm satisfied step taken for miles away..)
3) To fully give commitment for Islam..(hidup mati bersama Islam..insyaAllah
4) To have my own brand..(so high ambition but still in the list!)
5) Married (may be this can be no 1, no2 or just in the middle of all..hehe..because I'm believe that "Husband is a complementary of mine")
That's all my wishes for now..just an ordinary person..KeeP on Wishing for A Better Life..

I'm still surprised with my nephew..because she can memorized Surah Yaasin in her 5 years old! so great and's just like she are singing a song!