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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Izzul Ilmi Is Two

Yesterday he turned to two years old..How's times flies so  fast..

I was arranged small birthday party for him and invited my friends and ayah's family and my family members..

Izzul was very excited when he saw the cake for the first time..
When kak rasni delivered to our house, he was very excited to know what's inside the box..

When i opened the box! Taraaa...The cake with Spiderman decoration..
"Ultt..Ultt.." Means Ultraman..
Haha..All superheroes are Ultraman??
and with my surprised.. he made a finger print on it!

Starting on 12.00 pm his friends came..anak babysitter actually were his friends and friends of anak babysitter were also his friends..He was easy to get along with and make new friends..

The cake cutting was on 2.30pm..we waited for my friends to come to celebrate together.He was really excited and the 'shining face' when we cut the cake together. He asked for twice! so we cut the cake two times.. hehe.

He entertained the guests and behave well.
Except that he repeatedly drink water so many times..
Until 5pm he still don't want to sleep.
I've prepared her milk but he don't want.

Until our last guests was my families..he still played around with her cousins.

And at last, he fall asleep on my lap.

Umi and ayah prayed that Izzul Ilmi will be always in Allah guide and be a good muslim, mukmin and musleh.