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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Lately, i'm always wondering about how my future will i am in 60 years old.What i looks alike in that age..
I got two different stories today..and i learns a lesson for it.
Two days ago, while i was reading Al-Quran, i saw an old lady sitting on a small chair..She looked have difficulties.Her telekung was hits by the chair.So, i tried to approach her and helped her..Hmm..She was nice person, and unfortunately, she came from Kelantan.Same as me..We had chit chatted for a while. And i was adore with her spirit and desired to perform solat in mosque although she was not capable to walk as normal people.She needed someone who is her son, to send her to mosque.And by using wheelchair, she able to perform solat together with jemaah every 5 times. By looking to her, make me remember my mother at home..May be she also have a same desired and spirits like the old lady.And I hope, me myself also have the same desired for that now and till for the rest of my life.

And one story is about an old man who is very bad-tempered. I really felt sorry for him.Why he can't be nice to people? Is it hard to him to think positive and being nice to people??

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